segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2014

Six months before the Samadhi I wrote this text.

Sai Baba is getting older?
Someone asked me: " Our Sai Baba is getting older? Now he is in a weelchair and seemed tired, isn't it?"

I answered him:

It is His leela!
God in human form show us that this material body is dued to decay!
Every one that support a humam body has to face this!
But we are not this body.
He is not this human body!
Sai Ram!
He is the sun!
Every day when is getting late the sun seems to disapear , but is not true. The sun is allways there!
Prema Sai's time is getting near!
We must be prepared and not be deluded by maya.
He will come again!
And I pray to be a instrument in this triple Avatarhood mission.

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