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Om Sairam dearest Sai family
Lots of interesting things are happening in Puttaparthi and as Dasara is fast approaching many more activities will keep Parthi more busy..

“Sai Dhanwantari Pranamamyaham” A Programme by the Staff of Swami's General Hospital in Puttaparthi..

This evening it was the turn of the staff of General Hospital to offer their gratitude and in every second of this programme Swami's love and their love to Swami was clearly seen.. Little did any one except our Lord alone would have guessed how big the Sai Medical Care will grow while He laid the first foundation stone for a little hospital way back in 1954. It was so kind of Swami to pose for this particular photo marking a new beginning of Sathya Sai Medical Care..

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The evening's programme started with a brief intro by Dr.Latha Shree and later followed few soul stirring songs by the doctors, nurses and HR staff of the hospital. In spite of a demanding schedule, they would have had a lot of rehearsals which was clearly seen in the form of perfect rendition with a matchless devotion..
What was so unique of this evening's programme was the fantastic video  of Swami which had to match the song and the timing had to be maintained perfectly. Especially when brother Vivek Ananda rendered the verse, Paropa karaya Phanlanthi Vrikshaha... For the first time, we got to see some never before seen darshan clippings of Swami in Kulwanth hall and also few of His visits to the hospital.

With His grace, i hadn't been that frequent to hospital, but every time i visited i could clearly see the love and dedication in the doctors and nurses. In the big screen there was one video of Late Dr.Alreja with Swami and my childhood memories flashed in my minds. He was an iconic figure who strived relentlessly for Swami's hospital..

In between the songs there was short mention of Swami's profound messages to the doctors and it was heart touching when they paid tribute to Ms. Nagamani who passed away early this year during her pilgrimage to 4 dhams in North India, after a fall from the horse in Kedarnath.
She was a gem and a proud daughter of Swami for the kind of work she did in Swami's hospital. She came to Swami when she was only 18 remained a Brahmacharini and  worked for Swami till her last breath. During this evening's  programme one incident was shared about her. Once it so happened that there was shortage of doctors in the hospital and she single handedly ran the hospital attending patients. Later Swami told her, " Inspite of not having a doctor degree Nagamani did a fantastic job which even a qualified doctor wouldn't have done, " What more grace can one ask for other than getting a Doctor degree from the Divine Doctor Himself!!
She had a very sweet voice and most of the time i would see her in the pharmacy, very patiently explaining the dosage to the patients. If she saw any children in the queue they would get a chocolate along with the bitter pills. That's how sweet she was. May her soul rest in peace and hats off to the staff of the hospital for thinking of her in Sai Kulwanth Hall.

The doctors were singing like professionals and what was so unique about them was the devotion in their voice. They were singing from the heart with complete focus on Swami unlike few professional musicians who perform only to show their skills. As the programme was going live on the big screen, I could see lots of familiar faces and was surprised about their singing talents. They all are blessed souls to be direct contributors to Swami's mission and right through i was thanking Swami for making sure His hospital has world class doctors with a loving and caring heart. May all these blessed souls continue to serve in the hospital and may Swami bring many more doctors like them so that "His love" is not missed even in "His hospital".

Taking Cue from Swami's Medical Care, there are quite a few hospital projects taken up by devotees around the world. To name there this beautiful hospital project in South Africa in R.K.Khan Hospital, one of the biggest government run hospital in Durban. The Sai Organisation has taken the emergency ward, which was in a very bad shape and converted into a temple of healing with photos and sayings of Gods and Saints. This ward also portrays Swami's life size pictures, His messages and also photos of the two super speciality hospitals built by Swami..
This " Sarvadharma" ward brings solace to the patients as they can pray to their favourite diety and also read some messages from their holy books. This also has created curiosity on Swami and many non-devotee staff members in particular have started reading His literature and attend Sai Centers.

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Not many would have heard the name of this country Botswana, but Swami's work is in full swing in this little country which is predominently a African community. Patients from any financial backgrounds are treated free of charge and the medicines are also given with no charge. The Sai Organisation in Botswana has also won the hearts of the local government for the yeomen service they are rendering to the community with no expectations what so ever.

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This is enough proof to say that Swami is very much here with us, working through us, to complete His mission.. 

In the early September, few Puttaparthians decided to give a facelift to the holy river of Parthi and an important place of Swami's childhood days. If the intention is good Swami's blessings will always be with us and true enough there was heavy rain in Puttaparthi in the second week of September and Chitravathi started flowing like before..

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For years, some how, people didn't realise the sanctity of this holy river.  Till mid 90s or late 90s Chitravathi was flooded with rain water and was looking like a river. Later on, there were few dams built on the top, mostly in the state of Karnataka and slowly the water inflow to Chitravathi river became very less to no water. This is when people started dumping all the waste into the river and it virtually became a dump yard. A massive clean up programme was taken up by students, local youths and few staff members. Even though there is still lot to do, but it was a very good start..

Pic taken On Oct 1, 2013 shows some one has dumped the debris from a demolished house. A very rare scene in the Western world....

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If not daily like it happens to River Ganga in Varanasi, starting from Sept 26th Arathi is being offered to Chitravathi River on every Thursday at 6:30 PM. A perfect tribute to such a holy river which was sanctified by the touch of Sathya Sai Avatar.


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Swami Karunya nanda was indeed a blessed soul to spend 4 decades with Swami. Every morning, he was the first person to visit Swami's quarters, open the door (which usually is locked from outside) and have the first padanamaskar of the day.  After spending so many precious years, he merged in Swami in the year 1997. Usually most of Sai devotees who die in Parthi are cremated. There were so many instances where Swami Himself , directed to make arrangements for cremation of His close devotees.
But Swami Karunyananda is one exception who was buried and his samadhi is found in the banks of Chitravathi river. Even though Swami Karunyananda would be least bothered at the present plight of his samadhi, but as a mark of respect for such a blessed soul, it is our duty to give a face lift to this samadhi as well..

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This is what Swami said about Swami Karunyananda's passing (sourced from http://www.saibaba.ws/articles/swamikarunyananda.htm)
The passing of Karunyananda (Divine Discourse, Dassera, 08 October 1997)
"You may all know what happened today. Karunyananda had been with Swami for forty years. He was a centenarian. Today his body merged in the five elements. For the passing of any person the time, the place and the circumstances have to come together. Here in this hall the recitation of the Vedas is going on. The Jnana Yajna is being performed. He was listening to all these sacred things. He went to sleep at night and passed away in his sleep. He came to me a week ago. Swami asked him. "Karunyananda! What is it you want?" He replied: "I need nothing. I only want to merge in your Lotus Feet. There is no purpose in my continuing." I asked him why he was speaking in this manner: "What more is there for me to enjoy in life? I have experienced everything. I have stayed and moved with Swami for forty years."
He came with me to Kashmir and Shimla, Gaya and Prayag. He came with me to all places, wherever I went. Staying with me, he passed away with a sense of fulfillment."


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Like every year, this year's Grama Seva, a beautiful initiative by Swami to send food and clothing to the door steps of poor villagers around Puttaparthi will start from October 5th 2013. After Swami's physical withdrawal, many critics were doubtful about the continuation of this programme, but when Swami wills, there is no way such a noble act would stop. Three years have passed by and every year there are few more villages that are added on requests from villagers. This year, the Grama Seva will be covered to a minimum of 50,000 beneficiaries and all the arrangements have been made for the same. 

The cooks, rice and other provisions are ready. The students who would be going to the villages, passing Swami's prasad to every door step are ready. The students of Swami's college are very privileged, that they get a chance to see the grass root level citizens of the country and the poverty they are facing but with a smile.. Swami definitely had a very big Master plan for starting this programme and there is no country, no Sai Center which is not practicing this model of Delivering "Swami's Love" at the door step of the needy..

Sri. Puppet from the UK inspite of ill health has come once again with 18 boys to take part in this year's Grama Seva Project. As we all know the UK youths are the only " Non-Student community" who are blessed by Bhagawan to take part in Grama Seva. Over the years, many youths from the UK have been blessed to be part of this programme and it is a huge cultural and social shock for them to see the poorest of the poor and develop the spirit of sacrifice and seva from a very young age. 

As if like some kind of biological clock, every one in my family were shocked today, when my 4 year old son came up to me and asked , " When is Swami sending Laddus to our home". There are no words to describe the great joy when Swami's students come to our door step and say, Swami has sent you this prasad. It is during this season, we get to taste the unique Pulihora/pulisadam/tamarind rice which tastes the best when Swami sends them through His students...


Taken from his recently concluded visit to South Africa, please watch this important satsang addressed to the Youth. The message in this talk is very profound and the questions which were asked at the end of this talk were bit delicate but the answers would definitely help the youth to concentrate more on Sai and the mission of Sai..
Here is the link..

(Thanks for reading such a long email. Apologies for any mistakes in this write up which is a personal work and not affiliated to any official wings of Puttaparthi administration )
With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

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108 Nomes de Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

1. Aum Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Babaya Namah
Me curvo ao Senhor  Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba: Que é a  Divina Mãe e Pai

2. Aum Sri Sathya Swarupaya Namah
Que é a personificação da Verdade

3. Aum Sri Sai Sathya Dharma Parayanaya Namah
Que é devotado a Verdade e a Retidão

4. Aum Sri Sai Varadaya Namah
Que é o doador de todas as dádivas

5. Aum Sri Sai Satpurushaya Namah
Que  é eterna Verdade existente

6. Aum Sri Sai Gunatmane Namah

Que é personificação das virtudes

7. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Vardhanaya Namah
Que espalha bondade para todos

8. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Jana Poshane
Que sustenta e dá abrigo as pessoas virtuosas

9. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Jnaya Namah

Que é  omnisciente

10. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Jana Priyaya Namah
Que é amado por todos

11. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Shakti Murtaye Namah
Que  é a personificação de todos os poderes

12. Aum Sri Sai Sarveshay Namah
Que é o Senhor de tudo

13. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Sanga Parithyagine Namah
Que é Um sem qualquer apego

14. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Antharyaminey Namah
Quem controla e regula os sentimentos de todos

15. Aum Sri Sai Mahimatmane Namah
Que é o Senhor Supremo

16. Aum Sri Sai Maheshwara Swarupaya Namah
Que  é a personificação do Senhor Shiva

17. Aum Sri Sai Parthi Gramodbhavaya Namah
Que nasceuna vila de Parthi 

18. Aum Sri Sai Parthi Kshetra Vivasine Namah
Que é o morador de Parthi

19. Aum sri Sai Yashakaya Shirdi Vasine Namah
Que era adorado na encarnação anterior como o residente de Shirdi

20. Aum Sri Sai Jodi Aadi Palli Somappaya Namah

Que assumiu a forma de 'somappaya'

21. Aum Sri Sai Bhardwaja Rishi Gothraya Namah
Que é descendente do Santo Bhaaradwaja

22. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Vatsalaya Namah
Que é afetuoso com os devotos

23. Aum Sri Sai Apantaratmay Namah
Who is indweller of all beings

24. Aum Sri Sai Avatar Murtaye Namah
Que é personificação da Encarnação

25. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Bhaya Nivarine Namah
Que remove todos os medos

26. Aum Sri Sai Apastambha Sutray Namah
que nasceu na linhagem do Santo Apastambha 

27. Aum Sri Sai Abhaya Pradaya Namah
Que concede o destemor

28. Aum Sri Sai Ratnakara Vanshod Bhavaya Namah
Que nasceu da dinastia Ratnakar 

29. Aum Sri Sai Shirdi Abheda Shaktyavataraya Namah
Cuja glória não é diferente da de Shirdi 

30. Aum Sri Sai Shankaraya Namah
Que é o Senhor Shiva

31. Aum Sri Sai Shirdi Sai Muryaye Namah
Que é a encarnação de Shirdi Sai

32. Aum Sri Sai Dwarakamayi Vasine Namah
Que é residante de Dwarakamayi (nome da mesquita em Shirdi)

33. Aum Sri Sai Chitravathi Tat Puttaparthi Viharine Namah
Que se move na margem do rio Chitravathi em Puttaparthi

34. Aum Sri Sai Sakti Pradya Namah

Que dá força e vigor

35. Aum Sri Sai Sharanagat Tranaya Namah
Que salva aqueles que a Ele se rendem

36. Aum Sri Sai Anandaya Namah
Quem é a felicidade

37. Aum Sri Sai Ananda Daya Namah
Que concede a felicidade

38. Aum Sri Sai Aartha Tran Parayanaya Namah
Que é o Salvador dos aflitos

39. Aum Sri Sai Anatha Nathaya Namah
Que é o Senhor dos desamparados

40. Aum Sri Sai Asahaya Sahayaya Namah
Que é o Salvador dos destituídos

41. Aum Sri Sai Loka Bhandhavaya Namah
Que é  parente e amigo de todos

42. Aum Sri Sai Loka Seva Parayanaya Namah
Que está servindo e ajudando a todos

43. Aum Sri Sai Loka Nathaya Namah
Quem é o Senhor de todos

44. Aum Sri Sai Deenjana Poshanaya Namah
Que alimenta e sustenta os aflitos

45. Aum Sri Sai Murti Traya Swarupaya Namah
Que é Trino:  Brahama; Vishnu e  Maheshwara

46. Aum Sri Sai Mukti Pradaya Namah
Que concede a liberação

47. Aum Sri Sai Kalusha Viduaya Namah
Que é o removedor de defeitos e falhas

48. Aum Sri Sai Karuna Karay Namah
Que é compassivo

49. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Adharaya Namah
Que sustenta todos 

50. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Hrudaya Vasine Namah
Que é morador do coração de todos

51. Aum Sri Sai Punya Phala Pradaya Namah
Que é doador dos frutos do merecimento

52. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Papa Kshaya Karaya Namah
Que remove todos os pecados

53. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Roga Nivarine Namah
Que é o removedor de todas as doenças - destruidor do ciclo de nascimento e morte

54. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Badha Haraya Namah
Que é o destruidor de todos os sofrimentos

55. Aum Sri Sai Anant Nuta Kartanaya Namah
Que é o Criador e quem é louvado interminavelmente

56. Aum Sri Sai Adi Purushaya Namah

Que é o Senhor benevolente 

57. Aum Sri Sai Adi Sakthye Namah
Que é o poder infinito

58. Aum Sri Sai Aparupa Shaktine Namah
Que tem poderes maravilhosos 

59. Aum Sri Sai Avyaktha Roopine Namah
Que não tem forma

60. Aum Sri Sai Kam Krodha Dhwamsine Namah
Que destrói o desejo e a raiva

61. Aum Sri Sai Kanak Ambar Dharine Namah
Quem usa túnica de cor dourada (amarela)

62. Aum Sri Sai Adbhuta Charyaya Namah
Que realiza surpreendente atividades não vistas em qualquer lugar

63. Aum Sri Sai Apad Bhandhavaya Namah

Que ajuda como um irmão em tempos de calamidades

64. Aum Sri Sai Prematmane Namah
Que é o Amor Supremo

65. Aum Sri Sai Prema Moortaya Namah
Que é a personificação do Amor

66. Aum Sri Sai Prema Pradaya Namah
Que concede amor

67. Aum Sri Sai Priyaya Namah
Que é amado por todos

68. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Priyaya Namah
Que é amado pelos devotos

69. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Mandaraya Namah
Que confere a felicidade do Céu para os devotos

70. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Jana Hridaya Viharaya Namah
Cujo play-ground é o coração dos devotos

71. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Jana HrudayaLayaya Namah
Que habita o coração do devoto

72. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Paradhinaya Namah
Quem é ligado aos devotos por sua devoção

73. Aum Sri Sai Bhakti Jnana Pradipaya Namah
Quem acende a luz de devoção e do conhecimento espiritual

74. Aum Sri Sai Bhakti Pradaya Namah
Quem mostra o caminho da devoção e através da devoção ao conhecimento de todos os aspirantes

75. Aum Sri Sai Sujanana Marg Darshakaya Namah
Quem mostra o caminho para alcançar o conhecimento correto

76. Aum Sri Sai Jnana Swarupaya Namah

Que é a personificação do conecimento

77. Aum Sri Sai Gita Bodhakaya Namah
Quem é o doador e o  professor do Gita

78. Aum Sri Sai Jnana Siddhi Daya Namah
Quem concede as realizações da sabedoria e do sucesso

79. Aum Sri Sai Sundar Rupay Namah
Que tem forma encantadora

80. Aum Sri Sai Punya Purushaya Namah
Que é personificação da pureza

81. Aum Sri Sai Phala Pradaya Namah
Que concede os frutos de nossas ações

82. Aum Sri Sai Purushottamaya Namah
Quem é o Supremo entre todos

83. Aum Sri Sai Purana Purushaya Namah
Que é o  Sempre Existente Ser Perpétuo.

84. Aum Sri Sai Atitaya Namah
Cujas Glórias transcendes os três mundos

85. Aum Sri Sai Kaalatitaya Namah

Que está além do Tempo

86. Aum Sri Sai Siddhi Rupaya Namah
Que é a personificação de todo o sucesso e realizações

87. Aum Sri Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namah
Cujo poder de vontade é sucesso instantâneo

88. Aum Sri Sai Aarogya Pradaya Namah
Quem garante a boa saúde

89. Aum Sri Sai Anna Vastra Daya Namah
Que é o sustentáculo de todos os seres, através do fornecimento de alimentos, abrigo e roupas

90. Aum Sri Sai Samsara Dukha Kshaya Karaya Namah
Quem é o destruidor das dores e sofrimentos de Samsara (o mundo objetivo)

91. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Bhista Pradaya Namah
Quem concede a todos os objetos desejáveis

92. Aum Sri Sai Kalyana Gunaya Namah
Que tem atributos agradáveis

93. Aum Sri Sai Karma Dhwansine Namah
Quem destrói o efeito do mal ou reações ou más ações

94. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Manas Shobitaya Namah
Que brilha na mente de pessoas boas como o conhecimento refulgente

95.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Mata Sammantaya Namah
Quem representa todas as crenças

96.Aum Sri Sai Sadhi Manas Parishodhakaya Namah

Quem ajuda a purificar a mente dos aspirantes espirituais

97.Aum Sri Sai Sadhak Anugraha Vat Vriksha Prathisthapakaya Namah
Que plantou uma árvore como uma bênção para os aspirantes espirituais

98.Aum Sri Sai Sakala Samsaya Haraya Namah
Que destrói todas as dúvidas

99.Aum Sri Sai Sakala Tatwa Bodhakaya Namah

Quem concede a essência de todo o conhecimento espiritual

100.Aum Sri Sai Yogi Swaraya Namah
Que é o Senhor de todos os yoguis

101.Aum Sri Sai Yogindra Vanditaya Namah
Que reverenciado como o criador do Yoga

102.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Mangal Karaya Namah
Who is grantor of auspiciousness and prosperity

103.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Siddhi Pradaya Namah
Que concede  todas as realizações e habilidades

104.Aum Sri Sai Aapanivarine Namah
Qu remove as calamidades

105.Aum Sri Sai Aarathi Haraya Namah
Quem destróia angústia física e mental 

106.Aum Sri Sai Shanta Murtaye Namah
Que é a personificação da Paz

107.Aum Sri Sai Sulabha Prasannaya Namah
Que é facilmente satisfeito

108.Aum Sri Sai Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babaya Namah
Me curvo ao Senhor  Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba: Que é a  Divina Mãe e Pai